No More SnowballZ

A lot has been happening in the past months. I tried to avoid it as long as I could; but I am no longer the lead developer for the next version of SnowballZ. This doesn’t mean that it’s over – Micheal is still hoping to get in done as is continually looking for opportunities for publishing. It’s just that it wasn’t working out for me developing it.

If you are interested in developing it I can hook you up – but be warned; there is a lot to do before it’s completed. It’s goal is to be a social 3D MMO so you can imagine the work involved. In my opinion what it needs is a strong leader to develop it and cut the scope down. Over it’s life span the ideas and scope expanded from a simple RTS to what it wants to be now.

The old SnowballZ Is still there. I recently packaged it for linux so it’s easier to get running. Someday I may continue work on it but for now I have a rolling web development business that is taking my time.