If you are imagining that working in a casino consist of a little more than watching people walk inside and serving the people, and then waiting for them to lose a lot of money and then finally stumble out, you are in for quite a surprise. I wanted you to know that there are so many things that happen in a casino that will surprise you. It isn’t quite as straightforward as it would sound. A casino worker has actually told me that it is very different. You should maintain your focus, and you should be alert all the time. You will also need to be able to react to situations a lot quicker, and you should also keep a smile on your face. You should not be rude to the customers, even if they are very rude to you.

You should keep all your stress aside, and you should be able to see all the weird and wonderful things that happen in a casino. Because of the customers, there are a lot of strange and disgusting things that happen in a casino as well. Casinos are places that attract a lot of characters, some better than others. This means that you will be dealing with a mix of people. You will be dealing with normal people, people on vacation, gambling addicts, eccentric millionaire, an every day Joe and more. Since you will be looking at so many people, you have to be a people person.

Here are some weird things that you will see in a casino.

weird things

A lot of gamblers have been known to have a lot of superstitions, and they have proper routines which they stick to, while betting. Some people will actually make bets with the right hand only, while others may actually start swearing or even chant some mantras before they place a bet. I actually once saw a man throws some salt into an ashtray, every single time the dealer spun the wheel.

Some people have a lot of superstitions. I once saw a man eat two ice cubes, before every single bet he made.

There are even more creepier things that happen in a casino.

creepier things

I once witnessed a man groping a waitress. She didn’t know what to do, but someone actually came to her rescue. This happens quite often in Las Vegas casinos, where people get drunk and start behaving inappropriately with the waiters and waitresses. The waiters and waitresses are made to dress provocatively, so that people gamble longer. Some people take advantage of the situation.

My advice to you is that if you are going to a casino, make sure that you are a good customer and a respected one at that.