In this awesome guide, I’m going to be telling you all about the etiquette that you have to follow inside a casino. When you are playing or when you are gambling, you should always know how to behave and how not to behave. You should maintain a positive, kind and outstanding attitude even if you are losing. Being a sore loser is not going to help you, especially when you are in a casino. The dealers will be nice to you, the cocktail waitresses will also be really nice to you, if you are nice to them. The other players will also appreciate it if you know how to behave, because some of them are really experienced gamblers. I have had a lot of leaders who gave me advice on a lot of things, and here I am, parting my wisdom to you, the common man. I have always told me that they hate customers who are jerks. Jerks do not get any special treatment in a casino, because dealers hate them.

If you are someone who ends up being a bitter individual if you lose a little money, you shouldn’t even go to a casino.


Here are a few basic casino rules and etiquette that you will have to follow, when you are inside a casino.

    1. You should never sit at a table, unless you are going to play. You are not allowed to chill at the table, just to watch someone you know who is playing. If you want to watch, you have to stand away from the table and observe.
    2. You should always wait until the hand is over, before you sit or leave a table. It isn’t polite of you to join a table when there is a hand of any game that is going on. It is also rude of you to leave before I hand is over.
    3. You should never take your phone out while sitting at a table; they will actually yell at you. It is frowned upon to use your phone, when you are gambling at a gambling table. You are not that use your phone. You are there to gamble.
    4. You should not touch your bet, once you have placed it. You should never touch your bet, once it has been dealt.

  1. You should never stall again to act like a hot shot. Jumping around or generally acting like a moron is frowned upon.
  2. You should make sure that you always tip your dealer regularly. You can hand the chip to them. You should not tip them with cash. You should tip them with chips only.
  3. You should also tip the cocktail waitress who has been bringing you cocktails all night. They deserve it.